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Why Netreo

Why do customers choose Netreo for full stack, full lifecycle IT monitoring software? SIMPLE!

As the most comprehensive IT infrastructure management and observability platform, Netreo gives customers the fastest time-to-value and lowest TCO available. Customers enjoy a single source of truth for proactive performance and availability monitoring, process automation for device onboarding, platform tuning and administrative tasks, plus a host of analysis and reporting features for optimizing the most complex enterprise networks, applications and business services.

Top Reasons why Netreo is the Better Choice

Security First, By Design

  • Single view of your networks, systems, applications and user experience
  • Personalized dashboards for maximum IT team efficiency
  • Secure access from any mobile device from any location!

AI-Driven Automation with AIOPs: Autopilot

  • Automatic configuration self-tuning for maximum performance
  • Intelligently reduces unnecessary alerts and preemptively corrects more issues over time
  • Suggests issue remediation actions when automated fixes don’t apply

Actionable Insights with Intelligent Alert Management

  • Eliminate the redundant and false alerts flooding your phone, chat, and email
  • Identify out of the ordinary behavior using anomaly detection
  • Validate and prioritize notifications with incident management rules

A Single Source of Truth in Flexible, Intuitive Dashboards

  • Simplifies monitoring by seamlessly combining multiple data sources - SNMP, WMI, SQL, synthetic application tests, etc. - in a single, easy-to-use UI
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks by storing all critical IT resource data in a single location
  • Supports maximum data observability in user-defined, intuitive dashboard views

Trusted by Customers Globally

Netreo Monitors Over Half a Billion Devices on a Daily Basis

Netreo provides visibility from the business service to the underlying infrastructure and network that supports it. With real time visibility, you get alerts into what’s failing, what bottlenecks exist and who is impacted. Netreo becomes a critical part of your decision support system for day to day action, capacity planning and architecting modern solutions.

Netreo Reduces TCO by Increasing the Efficiency of All Your IT Monitoring Needs

Network Management

From automated device discovery to troubleshooting and issue resolution, Netreo improves the efficiency in all your network management tasks, so your IT team can focus on supporting strategic business initiatives.

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Server Management

Further, improve team efficiency with automated health and performance management and reporting on all servers and back-end systems, whether PC, Linux, IBM mini or IBM mainframe computing environments.

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Cloud Monitoring

With real-time monitoring and performance verification of applications running on any public or private cloud, Netreo ensures a great user experience for all external customers and remote users.

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Configuration Management

Netreo simplifies and streamlines network configuration and change management (NCCM) with automated device detection, logging and configuration, plus improves TCO and lifecycle management with automated compliance and licensing validation.

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Virtualization Management

Providing a holistic view of physical and virtual resources, including predictive reporting on virtual resources and automated host and guest discovery, Netreo simplifies the management of complex enterprise computing environments.

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Application Performance

Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops, Netreo has extended APM capabilities with newly acquired Retrace and Prefix solutions from Stackify by Netreo

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Database Monitoring

By leveraging an agentless architecture, Netreo captures metrics on any database, reduces CPU strain and simplifies integration of metrics into a unified, efficient dashboard view

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Traffic Analysis

Simplifying traffic pattern analysis with visual reports on sites, subnets, overall volume and more, Netreo gives IT teams greater control over resource allocation for maximizing performance and reducing IT spend

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Reporting and Analytics

In-depth analysis and automated reporting provide actionable insights, while leveraging machine learning technologies to continually learn and improve all aspects of your ITIM experience

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Not quite ready to schedule your Netreo demo? We know that every infrastructure is different, but many of the issues are the same. A host of available resources, including live and on-demand webinars, white papers and eBooks, provide insights into how Netreo addresses the most common challenges that IT teams face. Check out how Netreo can turn your infrastructure into a force that drives IT team efficiency, digital transformation and business results.

Customer Success Stories

What Our Customers Are Saying

The feature-rich Netreo Tool has helped us to enhance our proactive public cloud infrastructure monitoring. The multi-tenant access feature of the tool has allowed us to further up our game in managed services delivery for our customers.

Amitava Gupta,
DGM & Practice Lead Managed Services at Embee

“My supervisor is the Vice President of Administration and Finance he reports to the College President. If he calls me with a question about something that is not working, I want to tell him ‘this is what’s happening, this is why it’s happening, and this is what we’re doing to fix it.’ With Netreo, I have the visibility to do that.”

Francesca Shiekh,
IT Director

A leading healthcare organization in the Northeastern US needed a consolidated network monitoring solution that provides a single global view of the whole enterprise. Netreo provided the backbone for a functioning and cooperative IT department while also cutting costs.

“Netreo understands the realities of a multi-vendor environment, and they have taken extra steps to consolidate everything we need so we don’t have to run multiple, incompatible management tools on dozens of different devices. We have great confidence in Netreo to cost-efficiently monitor and manage our entire data network and IP voice environment.”

Manager, Local Area Networks

“We take availability monitoring very seriously — this is very critical to us — if the network goes down our customers go down, and that should never happen. Netreo sets us apart with an almost omniscient ability to foresee potential problems and neutralize them before they impact our services.”

Scott Pedersen,
Senior Technical Director

“By using Netreo to provide full stack visibility in our environment we’ve reduced downtime to near-zero.
The net result has been a downtime and productivity loss cost avoidance of over $4 Million annually.”

Duleep Wikramanayake,

A leading space exploration company based in California faced many of the common challenges seen when monitoring a large, distributed IT infrastructure with thousands of devices supporting over 7,000 employees across 10 locations.

A major supermarket chain in the Southern US required a unified system under a single product line that allowed for upscaling. Consolidating all of their platforms into Netreo’s easy to use UI increased efficiency by 77%.

“Now that we have Netreo, we are no longer in crisis mode. We went from firefighting to fire prevention, with everything in one looking glass. And we’re saving $100,000 per year through network resource optimization.”

Duleep Wikramanayake,
Chief Information Officer

“Netreo is a highly reliable way of keeping track of the health of all of our infrastructure services. It allows us to quickly notice and respond to problems with our systems and our networks. Netreo is a real workhorse for us.”

John Mangrich,
John Mangrich

“We now get real-time warnings about network problems before our business units even realize there’s an issue. Netreo increases the speed of our IT group’s reaction time. It’s all about repositioning IT to be continuously proactive in supporting the business.”

Cory Mason,
Director, Global Information Technology

“Netreo had a great, flexible pricing model that allowed us to monitor anything and everything. If we wanted to monitor a server and a switch, we could monitor everything instead of picking and choosing which components we needed to monitor,”

Matt Penner,
Director of IT at Val Verde

“We vetted the heck out of Netreo. We received glowing references from several Netreo customers, and we physically visited one large deployment. We also did a proof of concept before we signed on the dotted line. As soon as we knew it was the right solution for us, we went all in.”

Jason Russ,
Technical Group Leader

“Netreo provides a rock-solid foundation for our network operations center. Without it, we would not be able to provide the high level of support that we do.”

Director of Information Technology

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