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Customer Data Security the Netreo Way

Security First, By Design

Customers and prospects can be certain our GRC program not only works, but continues to evolve to meet the needs of the world’s most regulated and scrutinized industries. Security by design starts by monitoring the three key dimensions of cybersecurity throughout our entire organization – people, processes and technology. All security measures are then subjected to regular third-party scrutiny, so Netreo customers remain confident that their data is, and will remain, secure.

Your Data Is Safe, And We’ve Verified It

Netreo meets security and compliance objectives with a holistic governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program that serves as a foundation for keeping customer data safe throughout the entire lifecycle of all our solutions. But don’t take our word for it.

Veracode provides third-party validation of AppSec measures, from team members to processes and code reviews. Netreo is the only provider of IT infrastructure management solutions currently certified with Veracode Verified Team status. Add AICPA SOC2 Type II compliance, and you know Netreo’s stringent data security practices are independently verified!

Product Security

Whether on-premises or SaaS, Netreo leverages everything you’d expect to prevent tampering, intrusion and theft. From design through deployments and updates, our team makes sure your team never has to worry about access to sensitive data. Even when providing you the convenience of automated or manual product updates to fit your schedule, our product security means your data is safe.

  • Product Updates
  • Remote Access Support
  • Attack Prevention
  • Monitoring and Event Management

Operational and Organizational Security

What goes on inside Netreo impacts our customers, so we provide a security-first approach in delivering software. Netreo leverages industry best practices to ensure our operations meet the high standards of your operations. Just like your organization, Netreo takes every available step to ensure we’re staffed with an honest, responsible and security-minded workforce. Our success is confirmed by the many customers we have across the most highly regulated industries … and, of course, third-party review and validation!

  • Authentication & Authorization of Resources
  • Background Checks
  • Centralized Source Code Administration
  • Change Management
  • Incident Response and Reporting

  • Third-Party Security Assessment and Reporting
  • Manual Penetration Testing
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Secure Product Design
  • Security Architecture Reviews

  • Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Selection
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Static and Dynamic Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Management

Data Security

All the top security mechanisms are an integral part of how Netreo secures your data. And we’re always looking for even better ways to ensure every unauthorized attempt to access Netreo meets the proverbial brick wall.

  • Data Encryption at Rest and in Transit
  • Key-Controlled Console Access
  • Least-privilege and Need-to-Know Access Control

Platform Security

Running on a customized and hardened version of the Linux Operating System, Netreo extends platform security to every access point and is subjected to regular and independent security checks.

  • Operating System Security
  • Independent Security Audits
  • Cloud Security
  • Remote Access Control
  • Web Interface Security
  • Security Incident Response

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