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By: netreo_wpadmin
August 28, 2019

Netreo 12.1 Now Available: Device Discovery Visualization, Template Flexibility, and ServiceNow Integration

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In today’s modern IT environments, systems and network management isn’t a ‘one- size-fits-all’ proposition. Flexibility in a management toolset is paramount. The combination of servers, applications, and networking gear are as varied as the size and scope of the organizations they’re deployed in. The constant introduction of new technologies to the enterprise space only compounds the challenges associated with monitoring it all. Netreo is proud to announce the release of version 12.1 our flagship application. This newest release continues to raise the bar with impressive enhancements that make the application more flexible than ever before.

Device Discovery Visualization

Netreo version 12.1 meets the challenge of monitoring extraordinarily diverse IT environments with a new Device Management paradigm and dashboards that make it simple to visualize and manage massive sets of devices. Regardless of your combination of infrastructure gear you can count on Netreo to not only monitor those assets, but give you visibility into the entire process of discovering them.

Template Flexibility

Long time IT Engineers know that the only effective way to scale NMS implementations is by templatizing its configuration. Absent this capability it is pretty difficult to maintain a stable monitoring environment where consistent and predictable alerting is a must. In version 12.1 Netreo has made important flexibility enhancements to its device template architecture. Users can now attach templates to administrative workflows as well as lock and unlock specific template variables. Now you have the flexibility to structure everything in Netreo so it maps identically to your business processes and rules.

Much, Much More …

There are a bevy of additional features in Netreo v12.1 that increase to the tool’s flexibility in your environment. Asynchronous network interface speeds are now supported for more detailed bandwidth utilization monitoring. Netreo will now automatically learn about device inventories that live within a ServiceNow CMDB repository. The recently unveiled service engine architecture now supports bi-directional communication so appliances can be deployed anywhere HTTPS access is available. All Netreo appliances, whether service engine or high-availability, can now also be upgraded via a single click of the mouse in from within the Netreo administrative web user interface.

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