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Exceptional Features of Microsoft Data Accelerator Program

By: Netreo
August 17, 2023

Customers demand fast and efficient solutions to their problems and organization need to deliver the best products to maintain their reputation. Microsoft Data Accelerator Program provides the latest innovation in every solution and helps you to meet the customers’ requirements. It’s a reliable upgrade service which lets you modernize your on-premises and cloud applications without facing any difficulty. Microsoft developers are expanding this program to give maximum benefit to its users.

Exceptional Features of Microsoft Data Accelerator Program

Following are the four scenarios you can use for Microsoft Data Accelerator Program:

  1. Update the Latest Version of SQL Server

Get the latest updates of SQL Server and make advanced settings to your system to support SQL Server 2017 on Linux. This is the most efficient way to begin your cloud journey and deliver the best to your customers.

  1. Migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL Database

Now you need to use old and slow databases as you can effortlessly migrate your SQL Server to Azure database. With the help of Azure Database, you can move your applications to efficient systems like SaaS-ready solutions and get maximum performance at affordable rates.

  1. Get Benefit of Open Source Investments

You can take advantage of open source investments and quickly build or deploy the new applications. The open source investments allow you to use various tools which are very helpful for MySQL or PostgreSQL database. Feasibility and efficiency are the two major benefits of open-source investments you can avail.

  1. Transfer On-premises Applications to Cloud

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance lets you lift and shift your on-premise data to the cloud where your customers can easily access data. The migration of SQL application to fully managed PaaS helps you to re-design and re-structure your application.

No matter you are looking for a suitable solution for your data in the cloud or looking for a safe way to transfer it to cloud, Microsoft’s Data Accelerator program provides you the best solution to your problems. Accomplish your customers’ needs in a better and effective manner.

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