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What is SQL Azure Database Management?

By: Netreo
July 13, 2015

SQL Azure Database Management is the set of processes that help in managing the entire database resources and assets- hosted and deployed on SQL Azure Platform. It provides database administrators with end-to-end management and supervision of all database resources, their statuses and the underlying database operations / processes.

What is SQL Azure Database Management used for?

The key objective behind SQL Azure Database Management is to ensure optimal performance across the entire SQL Azure Database resources and assets. Typically, it enables managing;

  • Database Availability – Supervise, manage and ensure delivery of SQL Azure Database services to all connected nodes and services.
  • Performance Management – Tune and optimize the database for best performance.
  • User Management – Manages the roles, processes and sessions of all users.

How can Netreo help in Azure Database Management?

Netreo constantly monitors and reviews the database and provide clutter-free means to analyze database utilization, slow zones and overall performance. Database administrators can  visualize important performance metrics, keep an eye on sessions and pinpoint underperforming areas.

Netreo SQL Azure Monitoring and Management Service enables

  • Track and monitor key database infrastructure and utilization metrics
  • Setup pre-programmed activities that are always at work to keep your database at optimal levels
  • Automatically run maintenance jobs and execute custom SQL scripts
  • Rebuild indexes
  • Get alters on capacity thresholds, downtimes and performance blocking queries

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