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What is Cloud Monitoring?

By: Netreo
September 16, 2015

Cloud Monitoring is referred to the process of supervision of cloud hosted data, virtual machines / server, databases, applications and or complete cloud based IT Infrastructure. It is primarily delivered as SaaS based monitoring software / solution/ platform and might also include vendor provided or manual cloud management and monitoring processes and policies.

Cloud Monitoring enables in discovering and controlling performance and operational characteristics of the monitored cloud system or infrastructure. It makes it easy to analyze a cloud server, website or any cloud based resource.

How Cloud Monitoring is used?

Cloud Monitoring is primarily used to monitor any or all cloud based resources, including but not limited to;

  • Website Monitoring – Cloud monitoring enables in tracking the processes, traffic, availability and resource utilization of cloud hosted websites.
  • Virtual Machine Monitoring – Monitoring virtualization infrastructure and/ or each individual virtual machine / servers
  • Database Monitoring – Monitoring processes, queries, availability and utilization of cloud hosted database resources
  • Virtual Network Monitoring – Monitoring network resources, devices, connections and overall performance of network
  • Cloud Storage Monitoring – Monitoring entire storage resources and their processes that is provisioned to virtual machines, servers, databases, applications and services
  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring – Monitoring resources of all core cloud IT Infrastructure (virtual machines, database, applications, network) and supporting services (load balancing, queues, tables etc)

How can Netreo help in Cloud Monitoring?

Netreo enhances management of cloud based production environments for IT professionals by providing essential cloud monitoring tools and capabilities that gives deep and immediate insight into stability of complex cloud systems. Its capability boasts features like live dashboards, fully customizable and meaningful alerts, immediate notifications and much more. 

Cloud Monitoring Dashboards – Netreo enables in visualizing all Azure cloud hosted systems and resources in one place. Cloud Administrators can inspect critical charts side-by-side with important logs. Find root cause of many issues by navigating back in time and seeing how the overall system behaved before, during, or after problems occurred. Netreo supports many types of servers, databases, infrastructure and more.

Cloud Monitoring Metrics –  Netreo tracks a wide variety of simple and complex cloud monitoring metrics, which help in tracking and analyzing tons of important information about cloud systems.

Alert Engine –  Netreo alerts engine can evaluate multiple conditions simultaneously, based on real-time or sustained conditions using simple, complex, aggregated or unstructured metrics.

Immediate Notifications –  With immediate notifications, Netreo allows IT professionals to unplug from constantly watching monitors or dashboards and concentrate on more important things, knowing that they will be aware of any issues as soon as they happen.

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