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What Are the Benefits of Network Monitoring for Your Business?

By: NetreoNoaa
February 5, 2021

Network monitoring solutions offer many benefits, let’s explore them!

In the modern age, all businesses rely on technology. Any company based in an office will depend on networking, too. But how can you be sure that your network is working hard enough for you?

No matter the size or shape of your business, it pays to be careful. Without some form of monitoring solution, you, your team, and your revenue are at the mercy of your technology.

For many companies, managed network monitoring solutions are essential. It is an industry that is worth $207 billion worldwide. And that’s a figure which shows that companies are taking network efficiency seriously. Can you say the same about your business?

Let’s take a look at a few keys of the many network monitoring benefits that may help your business.

Network Monitoring Reduces Downtime

IT downtime can affect even the biggest companies. Downtime is not only inconvenient and unproductive but also very costly! The figures may surprise you. 

In a 2018 survey, most enterprises polled say that server downtime cost them up to $400,000 on average for the year. 14% of those polled even suggested losses of more than $5 million. That is an unimaginable amount of money to lose.

No businesses want to lose time, and they certainly do not want to lose money. Unfortunately, many issues can increase downtime. IT staff response time, for example, could make matters worse if your staff is unmanaged. However, an intelligent network monitoring tool could easily take away the risk of human error.

Statistics show that network outages are the number one cause of IT downtime for businesses. It accounts for 50% of all problems. Therefore, it makes sense to have a smart monitoring service in place!

Visibility is Key Across All Network Monitoring Benefits

Network visibility is essential in the modern age. Many agree that to manage application performance and network traffic, for example, you need a clear map. You need to see all the pieces to the puzzle to be able to solve it. 

Not everyone knows how to resolve complex network problems. However, help is at hand. With a simple network management protocol, you may not even need to understand how everything works. 

Managed IT, as well as detailed network monitoring, could help to increase visibility. The right platform and team can automatically discover and remedy problems as and when they arise. More so, they may be able to set up schemes of prevention, too.

Without clear network visibility, your business may be at risk of repeat problems and errors. This is made worse if you are unsure where to start fixing them! Implementing an effective server monitoring system could take the hassle out of the equation.

Network Monitoring Benefits - Network Monitoring Software Netreo

Scalability and Growth Potential Enhanced

All businesses want to grow. Technology, however, often evolves much faster. That means plenty of enterprise owners have to try and catch up! 

By the end of 2021, there will be 25 billion pieces of hardware that fall under the Internet of Things. The IoT, as it is known, refers to devices that report and connect to one another. This means smarter analytics, automated processes, and more besides. Networking is evolving before our eyes.

Therefore, businesses will likely need advanced monitoring solutions to keep up to speed. With increasing network demand comes increasing network complexity. It is easy to assume that purely manual management could lead to human error. However, that is not always the case, but let’s consider the statistics.

Human error accounts for 45% of downtime. Together with network problems, you have a clear case for automating your monitoring. Equipping yourself to handle advanced networking will help you to keep pace with evolving demands. This, essentially, could lead to easier, more efficient growth, allowing you to compete in an ever-changing world.

Monitoring Enhances Security

Network security is a huge deal. Without a network monitoring service, you could be at risk of malicious attacks and hacking attempts. But how do you know if you have the right protection?

2018 was a big year for cyber-attacks. Approximately 8,000 malicious attacks per day occurred over 12 months. What’s more, up to 21% of companies fail to protect their files. There is a strong potential for disaster.

Smart network monitoring can ensure that potential risks and threats receive immediate attention. There is no longer the need to intensively spot and remedy flaws through human effort. It is time saved, as well as hassle removed.

Networking monitoring tools can drill down and spot weak links. It could identify areas for improvements and upgrades, too. 

In addition, reports on uptime and security flaws will give you further impetus to upgrade. It can sometimes be hard to justify network upgrading. Monitoring may offer you that crucial outlet, as it might be for the good of your revenue and growth!

Immediate Resolutions

To recap, monitoring your network can help to reduce downtime and preserve revenue. It can, most importantly, provide instant resolutions to a variety of concerns. Time is of the essence in all lines of business.

Manual fault-finding relies on human support. That could lead to greater chances of error, as discussed. It will, of course, also require more human working hours. With an automated monitor, however, problems will receive immediate support.

This instant ROI provides clearer answers. It frees up movement to plan, as well as to find workarounds.

It is very important to look for a flexible network monitoring suite. The best tools should fit your specific needs and daily demands. It may be a good idea to analyze your current performance and to discuss matters with a potential provider!

Network Monitoring Benefits – Conclusion

To prioritize uptime, reduce costs, and free up human hours, you may need automated network monitoring. However, it’s always a good idea to look at the bigger picture.

Network devices can be cumbersome and tricky to monitor and care for. To track the performance of network devices, it is important to delegate to a managed or automated service.

Inefficient network services can provide headaches for you and your team. However, think about your consumers, too. If you’re not hitting your KPIs, you’re at risk of disappointing your audience.

 Netreo can help you easily help you set up your new Network Monitoring System, so you can see the benefits soon. Request a demo today!

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