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General Availability of Azure Event Grid

By: NetreoNoaa
August 15, 2018

Modern applications put the flexibility of the cloud to a good use by getting themselves distant from the monolithic architectures by means of a set of distinct services, all working together. This includes two kinds of services i.e. foundational services offered by a cloud platform such as Azure and application-specific services.

Event-driven execution has secured its place as a cornerstone of the new architectures. It now tends to replace cumbersome polling for communication between services with a process which is rather simple. These events may include:

  • IoT device signals
  • Cloud provisioning notifications
  • Storage blob events
  • Custom scenarios such as new employees being added to the HR systems

In these new app paradigms, it is difficult to react to these events in an efficient manner.

Azure proudly announced the general availability of Azure Event Grid, an event-routing service which is totally managed and which makes the development of event-based applications a lot easier.

Being the first of its kind, Azure Event Grid enables applications and services to subscribe to all those events that need to be handled regardless of whether they are coming from Azure services or any other part of the same application.

Azure Event Grid architecture

The delivery of these events is made possible through push semantics, simplification of user code and the reduction of resource consumption. Now users make only per-minute payment and do not have to poll for changes at all times. The service is designed so that it scales dynamically on its own and tends to handle millions of events per second.

Azure Event Grid offers several ways to choose from in order to react to these events. It could be done by:

  • Serverless offerings such as Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Automation
  • Custom webhooks for user code or 3rd party services

Azure Event Grid makes it easier to give a reaction to Azure native events and to build applications anywhere!

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Following are the new options:

  • General Purpose Storage and Azure IoT Hub have been added as the new event publishers
  • Azure Event Hubs has been added as a new destination (great for event archival, streaming, and buffering of events)
  • IoT Hub now provides support for device lifecycle events (device creation and device deletion), enabling them to run serverless

These new integrations have made the architecture simpler and serve the purpose of expanding the possibilities for both cloud and on-premises applications.

Azure Event Grid is globally available in the following regions:

  • West US
  • East US
  • West US 2
  • East US 2
  • West Central US
  • Central US
  • West Europe
  • North Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • East Asia

Along with an exponential back off for event delivery, Azure Event Grid also offers a 24-hour retry policy. As far as your production workloads are concerned, it offers an industry-leading 99.99% availability with a financially backed SLA. Having said that, your business-critical applications can totally rely on Azure Event Grid.

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