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What is SQL Azure Database Monitoring?

By: Netreo
July 14, 2015

SQL Azure Database Monitoring consists of the collective tools, techniques, and processes that help in monitoring operations and performance on SQL Azure Database. It provides insight into the utilization and statuses of different database elements and the means to ensure performance across all SQL Azure operations.

How SQL Azure Database Monitoring is used?

Azure Database Monitoring is primarily used for;

  • Availability Monitoring –  Provides Database Administrators with means to identify and troubleshoot database latency and outages
  • Optimize performance –  Help in finding, fixing, and optimizing bottleneck
  • Session Management – Tracking connection counts, open sessions, and more.

How Netreo can help in Azure Database Monitoring?

Netreo demystifies the utilization of SQL Azure performance tiers, database throughput units (DTUs), visualizes important metrics and tracks the slowest areas. Netreo can monitor and automate SQL Azure by querying Dynamic Management Views, visualizing important performance metrics, exposing the slowest queries, executing custom SQL scripts, and more.

 With Netreo SQL Azure Database Monitoring Software, database administrators can;

  • Track CPU, Read/Write utilization, and other key performance indicators
  • Know when database resources reach maximum capacity
  • Get alerted for changes, outages, blocking queries, and system slowdowns
  • Define and track custom SQL metrics and trigger execution of custom SQL queries.

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