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What is Event Hub?

By: Netreo
July 20, 2015

What is Azure Event Hub?

Event Hub is an Azure service that enables in processing large amounts of event data from connected devices and applications.  Event Hub is a subscription based publish-subscribe data processor and analyzer services, which enables in collecting data from events and transforming that data into analytical data. It is used in applications specifically those built for internet of things (IoT) or big data systems.

How Event Hub is used?

The data collected by Event Hub is commonly used to analyze and track behavior tracking in applications, traffic and utilization data from web farms / clusters, capturing events from gaming consoles or collecting telemetry data from industrial devices and machines.

Event Hubs cloud based big data solution is used to;

  • Connect devices and applications, and process and analyze data produced by them.
  • Ability to process millions of events per second across millions of connected devices and applications
  • Log all events across the systems  and applications each second in real time
  • Time-based event buffering
  • Provide native client libraries to reach multiple platforms
  • Connect with other cloud services

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