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What is Azure Virtual Network?

By: Netreo
August 17, 2015

Azure virtual network (VNet) is a comprehensive cloud based network delivery solution that enables in creating, delivering and managing an enterprise class network.

Azure Virtual Network (VNet) primarily enables in creating a virtual private network (VPN), having centrally controlled network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing.  It also enables in segmenting the virtual network further into subnets and deploying virtual machines and role instances on different virtual networks.

How is Azure Virtual Network (VNet) used?

VNet has many uses. At an average Azure Virtual Networks are used for providing;

  • Hybrid Network Infrastructure – Build a hybrid infrastructure that can connect cloud, on premises and off site networks together.
  • Network Isolation – As Azure Virtual Network can be delivered in complete, it can be used to create separate virtual networks for development, production and testing applications.
  • Extend IT Infrastructure / Data Center –  Extend internal IT infrastructure or data center by sourcing and connecting multiple remote networks / data centers globally.
  • Connect IaaS and PaaS – VNet can connect PaaS and IaaS components together. Such as web roles ( IaaS) for front end and virtual machines for backend databases ( PaaS).

What to monitor in Azure Virtual Network for performance?

Azure Virtual Network usually has the same performance and monitoring metrics that are essential for an enterprise class network. A VNet must be monitored for;

  • All incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the Azure Virtual Network
  • Total number of connections
  • Overall bandwidth of the network
  • Network Latency
  • Availability and uptime statuses of important network nodes such as VPN gateways

How Netreo helps in Azure Virtual Network Monitoring?

Netreo’s Azure Virtual Network Monitoring solution extends VNet by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor and automate private networks. Netreo access Azure Management API to provide insight into a variety of key metrics, uptime statuses including;

  • Track Egress and Ingress Traffic
  • Notification on Azure Gateways disconnects
  • Self-heal and automatic re-connection with on-demand Azure Automation

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