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What is Azure Virtual Network Management?

By: Netreo
July 14, 2015

Azure Virtual Network Management is the process of managing, monitoring, optimizing, and controlling operations of Virtual Networks hosted on Azure Cloud platform. It allows for the supervision of all external networks connected with virtual network and the cloud resources running on Microsoft Azure platform.

How Azure Virtual Network Management is used?

Azure Virtual Network Management is mainly used to ensure desired QoS (Quality of Service) on entire network operations on Azure Virtual Networks. Typically, Azure Virtual Network includes a set of processes, mechanisms and tools to manage private networks hosted on Azure Virtual Networks.

Azure Virtual Network Mngt can help network administrators in;

  • Monitoring outages, downtimes and disconnections across all nodes
  • Manage incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Troubleshooting and resolving network problems.
  • Managing and delivering capacity in par with demand and more.

How can Netreo help in Azure Virtual Network Management?

Netreo extends Azure Virtual Networks native management capabilities by providing state-of-the-art procedures to manage and automate hosted virtual private networks. Netreo’s Software plugs into Azure Management API to provide insight into a variety of key metrics, uptime statuses, and more. Netreo allows users to automate network recovery and reconnection procedures through its seamless integration with Azure.

With Netreo Azure Virtual Network Management Software, Azure Network Administrators are able to;

  • Alerts on Outages Know right away when Azure Network Gateways disconnects for any reason.
  • Orchestrate Automatic Reconnection proceduresExecute self-healing Azure Automation jobs when Azure VPN connections get dropped.
  • Virtual Network Management –¬† Live Dashboards, performance insights, alerts and notifications helps in ensuring end-to-end and proactive management of hosted networks.

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