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What is Azure Storage?

By: Netreo
July 14, 2015

Azure Storage is a scalable cloud-based storage-as-a-service available for applications running in Azure cloud. Azure Storage infrastructure provides storage infrastructure for storing files and media (BLOB storage), messages (Queue storage) and non-relational schema-less data (Table storage).

What is Azure Storage used for?

It is mainly used with Azure hosted cloud application and services.

  • Provide applications with an interface to access storage
  • Provide access to persistent storage that is mega scalable at runtime.
  • Shared File/Directory familiar structure for applications that need it
  • Messaging platform for cross-application communication
  • Mega-scalable platform for storing large amounts of non-relational data

What to monitor in Azure Storage?

  • Track storage utilization and capacity
  • Monitor queue-specific performance metrics
  • Availability of storage services
  • Slow and underperforming storage areas

How Netreo helps in automating and monitoring Azure Storage?

Netreo provides a powerful set of automation and monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Storage. It delivers and presents the most important information via intuitive dashboards, charts and reporting.

Netreo can visualize and monitor availability of all types of Azure Storage services, measure and track performance characteristics by querying Storage Analytics, and keep tabs on queue-specific metrics.

Netreo can help you with all your Azure monitoring needs. Request a Demo!

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