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What is Azure Status Dashboard?

By: Netreo
September 16, 2015

Azure Service Dashboard is a online platform where Azure Cloud Services users / subscribers can view and monitor status of current services provisioned.  Microsoft Azure Services Dashboard primarily allows Azure subscribers to view the health and operational status of each overall Azure service separately.

Users should be advised that updates to Azure Service Dashboard are not immediate and may take time.  Azure Service Dashboard is curated by Microsoft Azure Operations team and is updated manually when the team decides that a particular issue is impacting multiple customers.

How Azure Status Dashboard can be used?

To check health of a service – Azure Service Dashboard can be used to check the health the services that are being provided by Microsoft Azure according to geographical regions. Users have the option to subscribe to RSS Feed of individual monitored resource to get notifications about downtimes and other any changes in the service.

Receive Notifications / Updates on Service Outages – Azure Service Dashboard provides a central place to monitor service outage on any of the monitored resource or service. It provides an overview of the problem at hand at the time and location where it happened.

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