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What is Azure Service Bus Queue?

By: Netreo
August 16, 2015

It is one of the messaging middleware mechanisms in Azure Service Bus.

Azure Service Bus Queue provides a brokered messaging infrastructure, which is designed to integrate applications or application components – spanned over multiple communication protocols, data contracts, trust domains, and/or network environments.

How Azure Service Bus Queue is used?

Service Bus Queue primarily helps in load balancing of system level messages. It provides pull-based messaging services that temporary stores message in queue so that the destination / consuming system can process messages at its own pace / average processing. It also implements first in first out (FIFO) based methodology, where the process / request which is received first will be processed first.

Azure Service Bus Queue enables in sending message without the need for synchronizing sender and receiver.  Since the message is stored in queue, the sender / producer don’t have to wait for the consumer / receiver to reply to process to send further messages. Moreover, client-side batching provided by Azure Service Bus enables a queue client to batch multiple messages into a single send operation.

Azure Service Bus Queue provides complete compatibility with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) based communication stack in the .Net Framework and also has a push style API ( OnMessage and OnMessage Sessions .Net API)).

What to monitor in Azure Service Bus Queue?

Some key processes, conditions and metrics to monitor in Azure Service Bus Queue includes;

  • Successful and Failed Requests
  • Incoming and Outgoing Messages
  • Dead letters
  • Length and Size of Queues
  • Total number of requests

How can Netreo help in Azure Service Bus Queue Monitoring?

Netreo’s Azure Service Bus Monitoring services can help in scaling compute resources in real-time based on demand indicated by Service Bus queues or topics. Add up extra servers automatically as queue or topic depths increase and drop them when they decrease.

  • Monitor queue lengths
  • Track dead-letter messages
  • Get notified when messages are not processing
  • Scale Cloud Services or Azure Webjobs with depths of Service Bus queues

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