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What is Azure Batch Service?

By: Netreo
September 16, 2015

What is Azure Batch Service/Platform

Azure Batch Service is a cloud based job scheduling and compute management platform that enables running large-scale parallel and high performance computing applications efficiently in the cloud. Azure Batch Service provides job scheduling and in automatically scaling and managing virtual machines running those jobs. The Azure Batch Service can automatically scale the cloud infrastructure /environment from a single node to thousands of virtual machines nodes instantly, on a scheduled time /date or on demand.

How is Azure Batch Service used?

Azure Batch Service is commonly used in cloud environments that require scheduled or batched processing of simple to large complex operations. Some of the best ways to use Azure Batch Service includes;

Load testing software applications – With Azure Batch Service, software testers can automatically schedule provisioning of thousands of virtual machines nodes for testing their applications for peak load / usage.

Executing high-compute Apps & Services – Azure Batch Service scheduling service enables in automatically adding clusters of compute resources for applications and service that require massive computing capacity – such as for media transcending and rendering, image analysis and processing, engineering simulations and weather forecasting and more.

Provide on demand processing – Using Azure Batch Service, organizations can deliver on demand and high-end processing resources and infrastructure for applications and services.

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