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What is a Cloud Automation Software and how it is used?

By: Netreo
September 28, 2015

What is a Cloud Automation Software?

Cloud Automation Software is a type of cloud management software that helps in automating operational, maintenance and recovery tasks on a cloud computing platform. Cloud automation software automates and orchestrates the provisioning, un-provisioning, scaling, un-scaling and deployment of cloud based resources.


How Cloud Automation Software is used?

Cloud Automation Software is mainly used by cloud services administrators to automate and orchestrate cloud resources provisioning, scalability, backup, recovery and other management tasks.

  • Automatically import and migrate servers across cloud providers
  • Automate recovery of servers, virtual machines, cloud database and more
  • Provisioning computing resources on demand to connected cloud resources
  • Creation of virtual machine instances, databases and other cloud resources
  • Automate the cloud services life-cycle management
  • Scale and shrink compute resources and services to meet the needs of workloads.

How can Netreo helps in Azure Cloud Automation?

Netreo allows IT professionals to automate recovery procedures by scripting common responses to production issues.  With Netreo’s powerful cloud automation software‘s engine, IT professionals can set very precise triggers for when such self-healing actions need to occur.

PowerShell Actions

Through its self-updating agents, Netreo can execute a wide variety of PowerShell scripts on the monitored Windows servers. You stay in full control when and why these scripts run. Netreo will automate their execution to insure uninterrupted service.

Recover from Database issues

Reliable databases are the cornerstone of stable systems. Gain extra peace of mind by allowing Netreo to automatically optimize your database systems in order to prevent or fix production issues and performance slowdowns.

Self-heal with your own API

Instrument complex actions that provide sophisticated management and recovery procedures and let Netreo automatically trigger them when the need occurs. Netreo supports automatically triggering API actions with XML or JSON payloads.


Certain resources, such as Azure Cloud Services, support dynamic increases or decreases in capacity. Netreo comes built in with a sophisticated auto-scaling engine that supports scaling up or down compute resources as demand increases or decreases.

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