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Netreo Product Roundup – Feb 2023

By: NetreoNoaa
February 27, 2023

Netreo kicked off 2023 with product enhancements that simplify usability, optimize performance and improve ease of use.

Windows Server Standard Device Type

To enable light-weight monitoring of Windows Server environments, we’ve added a new “Window Server Standard” device type. The new setting simplifies Windows Server onboarding and reduces monitoring loads by only performing device-level instance polling. Excluding per process polling for the CPU and MEMORY metrics and statistical groups streamlines scalability. The new device type also eliminates performance issues that arise when polling large Windows Server environments.

Route 53 Monitoring

AWS cloud monitoring now includes a new poller exclusively for AWS Route 53 Resources. Users can easily optimize these critical AWS resources by capturing and analyzing AWS Route 53 Hosted Zone Metrics and Resolver Endpoint Metrics for popular device attributes, including IP Address, Domain Name, Hosted Zone ID, Hosted Zone Name and Endpoint ID.

Service Engine Health Checks & Administration

To optimize service engine performance, improve troubleshooting and reduce MTTR, Netreo expanded service engine health check functionality. New health checks now ensure minimum required virtual resources are always maintained, so every Netreo instance always runs at peak efficiency. Netreo removes the guesswork behind resource allocation and alerts users when virtual resources fall below minimum requirement. Service Engine Administration also includes new password best practices for improved access security.

Auto-Configuration Rule Setting

To further streamline auto-configuration and simplify monitoring configuration, Netreo now supports auto-configuration by Site as an ATTRIBUTE setting. The new setting enables auto-configuration rules to identify selected Site values for making subsequent PROPERTY and VALUE assignments. This simplifies Auto-Configuration rules management for Subnets, which are already assigned to a Site and thus do not need to be reentered when creating a new rule.

Parenting and Topology UI Updates

For simplified troubleshooting, improved ease of use and data accuracy, Netreo now displays how Parent/Child device relationships are created. By providing details on whether these relationships were either auto-discovered or user-created, users can quickly identify the source of Parent/Child relationships to better understand parenting and the results of RCA for Incident Management and the links between alarms and incidents.

System Diagnostics Page OS Version Visibility

Users of Netreo’s on-premises systems have improved visibility with a refreshed UI. When viewing the System Diagnostics page, the current OS version is displayed for the core appliance or Service Engine, enabling faster, more efficient navigation and management.

Always stay up to date with product enhancements by checking out details in our latest Release Notes and Documentation.

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