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Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo

By: Netreo
May 13, 2015

Azure Virtual Networks allow cloud applications hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to connect to internal enterprise networks through secure tunnels.  This enables hybrid-cloud scenarios, allows for utilization of premise resources alongside cloud resources and generally bridges the gap between internal data centers and cloud-based data centers.

Monitoring such connectivity is vital for teams that rely on solid connectivity between Azure and their own data centers.

In addition to a wide variety of various Azure resources and services, Netreo now supports monitoring of Azure site-to-site Virtual Networks, visualizes connections, ingress/egress statistics and can alert when connectivity between Azure and remote site fails.

Starting monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks is very straightforward and can be performed in just a few seconds either through Setup Wizard or by manually adding each VPN connection through “Add New” resource dialog.  Provided sample Netreo configuration template will visualize Egress/Ingress and alert when connectivity status between sites is no longer connected.

Netreo Azure Virtual Network dashboard - Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo Azure Monitoring

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