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Keeping Your Microsoft 365 Estate In-Check with Netreo

By: Furquan Khaja
October 5, 2022

Teams meeting not loading? Outlook mailbox not refreshing? 

Imagine starting Monday morning with either of the above two issues. It can certainly hinder anyone’s work schedule.

Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Outlook and other Microsoft 365 services have become essential in day to day work life. An outage in any of these services causes panic among the workforce, followed by questions on whether the trouble is their system or the application.

Using Netreo’s Microsoft 365 Insight module gives users an overview of their Microsoft environment without logging into the Admin portal. Whether Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, Onedrive, Yammer or Skype, Netreo has you covered.

The typical pain points that administrators experience when monitoring MS365 services revolve around a lack of visibility. Most common are monitoring resource utilization, licensed users usage per service and digital experience for remote users. Netreo’s Microsoft 365 Insight module easily solves monitoring pain points through API-based integration with the MS365 Service tenant. This module requires minimal administrative assistance in setup. Application registration is required at the Azure administrative level, plus configuration of credentials and tenant details in our Insight module.

The Microsoft 365 Insight Service Status Dashboard

In the above dashboard, service status is displayed at-a-glance in a single pane view. Netreo displays MS365 service availability, service response time threshold breaches, average response time for each service from both the local Netreo system and remote agents configured on end user desktops. Along with these, Microsoft 365 Insight also shows the overall health of the remote agent. Metrics include health status of the MS365 services availability checks on the individual remote agents deployed on end user desktops.

Microsoft 365 Insight Dashboard – Remote Agent Status

On the same dashboard, Netreo shows the status and location of the various remote agents deployed in the customer environment and their overall health status. Clicking on the individual remote agents takes you to the individual remote agent dashboards. There, you’ll see more detailed information about the MS365 Service health and response time from that desktop.

Microsoft 365 Insight Dashboard – Detailed Services

Clicking on the individual service tabs on the MS365 Insight dashboard pops up an internal web widget that gives detailed information on the response times for the particular M365 service. Data from both the local Netreo system and remote agent provides storage usage information and currently active licensed users information.


To wrap this up, Netreo Documentation includes instructions on how to setup our Microsoft 365 Insight module. For in-depth insights on these and other great Netreo automation features, be sure to check out our All Systems Go! user group session videos, now available on YouTube. Better still, take a personal, custom demo of Netreo features today!

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