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How third party Azure Monitoring Software adds value to your Azure hosted Infrastructure?

By: Netreo
June 9, 2015

With rising demand and maturity of cloud computing, more specifically Azure, the need for holistic cloud infrastructure and services monitoring, automation and management solution has dramatically increased.  For Azure, this has led to the emergence of a number of Azure Automation, Monitoring, and Management tools by third party vendors and open source communities – such as AzureWatch and its successor Netreo.

Microsoft has also released some monitoring support of its own that provides quality basic Azure automation and monitoring experience. However, by providing a comprehensive backend API’s, Microsoft is allowing third party vendors to greatly enhance native automation and monitoring capabilities of Azure.

In an interview given to Tech Target by Terry Hedden, CEO of Cloud Guru, he has observed that third party tools provide more advanced and deep down cloud management and monitoring. They significantly add on to the native monitoring and automation capabilities of Azure.

In the light of above observation, what makes third party Azure Monitoring and Management tools add value and bring better results for your Azure Infrastructure? This blog discusses and highlights such perceived values business leaders and executives would like to inculcate and enrich in theirs or their clients’ Azure environments.

Better Azure Insight – Third Party Azure Monitoring Solutions are built around customer pains and needs

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Third party application developers generally develop a solution around a need – a need which is not richly addressed by the cloud vendor. Microsoft delivers a standard monitoring and management stack. And due to the sheer number of different use cases and scenarios, they can’t test and optimize each scenario in an Azure environment

However third party vendors generally have a track record of directly addressing the production issues and dealing with the customers (Azure end users). Azure Monitoring and Automation software is designed by vendors that mostly have Azure users community level roots and insights. They understand problems of their Azure peers and design solutions that flush out the pain out of monitoring small to large Azure environments. And with their community approach, they are quick to learn and address Azure monitoring and management issues through their software.

Rich Features – Just what your team wants

Advanced features of third party Azure Monitoring software

The more features the azure monitoring application has the more control your azure developers and administrators have. Third party Azure Automation Solutions, such as Netreo, bring a lot to the table. They deliver granular level control and clearer visibility into the Azure Infrastructure. Azure administrators can;

  • Automatically resolve production issues.
  • View instant statistics through live monitoring dashboards
  • Receive instant alerts and notifications on finely configured metrics and thresholds.
  • Auto scale resources.
  • Use automated PowerShell actions to automate key Azure administration and monitoring tasks.
  • Integrate with best of breed third-party services.
  • Support for large and small teams
  • Special features for Managed Service Providers

Easier to Install and Use – No additional skills to learn, nothing to deploy and no code to write for your team


Netreo, a third party Azure Monitoring Software, is easy to get started with. It generally requires no installation at customer’s end and is delivered as an agent-less monitoring service. After a quick and simple sign up and configuration process, and you will see data populating on live dashboards.

The intuitive design, live dashboards, and Azure native jargons make it easy for your Azure Administrators to manage and monitor Azure Infrastructure. Moreover, they are economical to source and have relatively quick, realistic and visible ROI. With the agent-less monitoring, you can also quickly opt out of the service without any vendor lock-in strings.

Purpose Built Software & Support- One window Azure Monitoring


Your Azure Developers and Administrators will love software that is designed to do what they really need it to do. Azure monitoring and management software is more equipped with dealing the monitoring challenges in Azure production environments. It is designed and developed by team that solely exists to learn and solve Azure automation, monitoring and management issues and are expert at it. 

If you fall into a problem, you can always consult the subject-matter experts to help your team with any Azure specific queries. An entire team of Azure developers and supports staffs are at your behest to assist you in monitoring, managing, automating and optimizing Azure hosted environments for you and your clients.

There are many benefits of an Azure Automation and Monitoring Software and how it brings value to you and your clients Azure hosted infrastructure. Where Microsoft’s tools capabilities reaches its end, tools from third-party vendors and the open source community ably fit the bill by stretching Azure monitoring, automation and management capabilities much further. 

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