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Enabling PagerDuty integration in Netreo

By: Netreo
April 19, 2015

PagerDuty is a industry-leading service that allows IT pros to manage, assign, escalate, schedule and aggregate alerts from various tools and apps under one roof. Learn more about PagerDuty here . In addition to email and SMS, Netreo can now send its alerts and notifications to PagerDuty thru PagerDuty’s API integration.

When an alert is raised, Netreo will send a trigger event thru PagerDuty’s Integration API. When the alert is no longer active, Netreo will resolve the event in PagerDuty. Additionally, if action execution fails, a new triggered event will be sent to PagerDuty.

PagerDuty events are correlated by an individual Alert or Action that triggered them to allow for de-duplication.

To enable PagerDuty integration follow the guide on PagerDuty website or these simple steps

  • If you do not already have one, open a trial PagerDuty account here
  • In PagerDuty, add services that Netreo should assign alerts to.  These will usually correlate to your apps or environments
    PagerDuty integration in Netreo
  • Take a note of precise Service names and their associated API keysPagerDuty Integration API settings
  • Now, navigate to Integration screen in Netreo and edit the PagerDuty entry
  • Add Services that correlate to your PagerDuty servicesPagerDuty integration in Netreo
  • Navigate to Notification Policies screen in Netreo and specify particular resources or resource categories that should publish their alerts to particular PagerDuty services.  We recommend mapping out your Resource Categories in Netreo to match your PagerDuty services
  • PagerDuty integration is now enabled
    Netreo alerts in PagerDuty Integration

Netreo alerts in PagerDuty

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