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Customer Success Takes a Team

By: NetreoNoaa
August 18, 2022

Leadership Spotlight – Megan Amos, VP Customer Success

Olá! Salaam! Maayong Adlaw! Hiya!

It’s Customer Success’s turn on the blog, so a greeting from all the countries my teams work from feels appropriate! Our customers are all over the globe, so our teams are too. I will tell you more about the amazing people I work with on a daily basis later in this post, but let’s start with an introduction for those of you who have not met me (in person or through a screen).

Nerds, Neymar & Netreo

I’m Megan Amos, and I am fortunate enough to be the Vice President of Customer Success at Netreo. Customer Success is a fancy way of stating my teams are responsible for all customer-facing engineering and operations. I found my way to Netreo in April 2021 as part of the Stackify acquisition. There I was leading the customer teams for Retrace and Prefix. 

My background is in engineering, so it is really my sweet spot to get to work with customers, dive deep into the weeds and completely nerd out while witnessing customer wins with our technology. Yes, I can write code, but my coding days are reserved for side projects and mini experiments with new languages. Also, I spend a lot of my time advocating for diversity and inclusion in technology. I co-founded Hive {202}, which is a newly formed community of powerhouse women in technology. It has been amazing getting a new passion project off the ground.

My 16 year old son, our two rescue pups and I recently relocated from Kansas City, Missouri to Saint Johns, Florida. I am an avid sci-fi and soccer fan (Go Sporting KC!), adore getting lost in a good book and outdoor adventures with my favorite humans fuel my soul. I love traveling, and Japan is top of my list for the next big trip!

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success is hard to define because every company and customer is different. However, here’s my overarching thought process around it. Think about your favorite story and all of the events, adventures and characters that influence the journey. You don’t open a good book at a certain page, read a few paragraphs and feel fulfilled. It doesn’t just involve one character, one event or a single experience. A good book is a complete journey that without forced effort becomes something impactful in your life.

That is what I aim for my teams to accomplish with Netreo customers; an enjoyable technology journey that helps enhance their job, teams and work life on a daily basis. Netreo takes a holistic approach to our customers, and Customer Success is a team sport. No single person, team or department can ensure Customer Success. It requires the entire company to create an amazing customer experience.

Customer Success at Netreo

The Customer Success teams at Netreo are responsible for all things customer facing. This includes customer advocacy, support, professional services and training. Like I stated in my opening,  my teams are spread across four countries, and in the United States alone, we have Netreons in 10 different states. My teams are an awesome group of extremely talented people, and I truly enjoy being able to work with them. 

All leaders will tell you that they have amazing teams, but I believe I have the absolute best. Not only are they customer advocates, but outside of work they are also parents, athletes, youth athletic coaches, non-profit leaders, outdoor enthusiasts, world travelers, photographers, gamers and people I am proud to know. Now let’s dive more into what they do at Netreo!

All aboard the Customer Journey train …

The conductors of the Customer Experience at Netreo are the Customer Advocacy team. The Customer Success Managers (CSM) and the Customer Success Engineers (CSE) are the teams that help new customers learn their way around Netreo and established customers continue to build, thrive and grow with the toolsets. 

CSMs are responsible for constant communication, internal advocacy and helping to create a great experience for our customers however they can. CSMs work in tandem with the CSEs, who are responsible for helping with the technical success of the product. Our CSEs lead the Trusted Advisor Services and spend a lot of time in the trenches of customer accounts, helping them constantly evolve and mature their use of our products. CSEs also help with training new users and advocating internally for customer product needs and feature requests.

Yer a Wizard, Harry!

Our Professional Services Engineers (PSE) are the resident magicians. They possess skills to get Netreo products completely installed with quick time-to-value, while building solid relationships with new customers. PSE engineering skills are top-notch, and I am always impressed with how they find extra pockets of time to help with training content, documentation requests and building up their own expertise. 

Customers are introduced to their CSM and PSE at the beginning of the customer lifecycle. Once implementation is complete, our PSE facilitates the introduction of the CSE to continue customer development working with our solutions!

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

That question doesn’t actually work for our support team’s tickets, but it never fails to make me laugh. The Netreo support team is composed of experts who enjoy helping our customers in the support queue. In the G2 2022 Summer Report, Netreo’s support team earned “Best Support – Enterprise Monitoring” and “Best Support – Mid Market Network Monitoring.” Those awards are based on customer reviews, so our customers agree with me that we have outstanding support!

Go Team!

I figured the only appropriate way to conclude this blog post is with the way my teams end our weekly call. What was once a sarcastic “Go Team” by me during a meeting has been turned into our team mantra. It is fueled by gifs (the CS team communication vessel of choice), a wookie emoji, and is even a hilarious battle cry to end our weekly call that leaves all of us laughing as we sign out of Google Meet. I am proud to work alongside everyone in the Customer Success department and I am always thrilled to hear our customers enjoy them just as much as I do. They are the best of the best, and we look forward to continuing to work, advocate and grow with the best customers on the planet.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything from us, we are happy to help! The Netreo support teams can be found at support@netreo.com (Netreo and CloudMonix) and apm-support@netreo.com (Retrace and Prefix). I am always happy to have a conversation too, especially if you want to discuss the upcoming FIFA World Cup! Or, connect with me on LinkedInGO TEAM!

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